David Kamm

Welcome to my SmugMug photo galleries! My goal is to post the best and most interesting images I have taken in various locales I have traveled to, as well as other images that fall into categories that interest me. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and welcome your comments here.

My main website is now here: http://www.davidkammphotoworks.com. It's the one I'm updating the most with images and related blog posts, so I invite you to stop by and take a look there too.

I also have a Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/DavidKammPhotoworks. Feel free to visit it and give me a 'Like' if you want to see new images and short posts from me in your FB news feed.

I currently shoot with Pentax DSLR cameras, including the K-5 as my primary body, and K-x and K-01 ('mirrorless') as backups. I use a variety of zoom and prime (fixed focal length) lenses from Pentax and other lens makers, including the sweet and compact Pentax 'Limited' primes.

My older camera gear consists of Pentax film SLR bodies (*ist, ZX-5n, and a 1985 Program Plus), used with Pentax, Tamron, Sigma, and Zenitar lenses. I rarely use these older film bodies today, but still keep them around in case I want to shoot some film. I also have a Nikon Coolscan V ED for 35mm slide and negative scanning, and various software tools for digital image editing.

All content in these galleries is copyright 2007-2013, David A. Kamm. All rights reserved. For any usage or publication inquiries, please contact me at www.davidkammphotoworks.com/contact/
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